The OpozO Universal Connecting Tile

OpozO games are more than a game. They are Modular Play Systems that enable the creation of many different ways to play games, OpozO games. OpozO Play Systems allow us to change the game boards; the play tiles and the rules. They are designed to encourage creativity, exploration and experimentation.

The OpozO Tile has been especially designed to facilitate this inventive versatility.

Opozo Tiles are clear so we can utilise the front and back of each tile to deliver twice the play potential. With each game image supplied, OpozO assigns play functions and attributes. Functions and attributes can be game specific or be applied generally.  For example, OpozO White (Blank) Board Tiles can be used in all Opozo game board constructs.

We construct game board using the unique OpozO Tile Connector to fix two Board Tiles together. With Board Tiles we construct the Game Boards we want to play with. With each OpozO Play System we supply we show you how to construct your first game and provide some play variation options to get you thinking about more ways to enjoy play.

Making new game boards is good fun – so give it a try and see what works for you and if it works well, share what you create with others.

However, be aware, not all game boards you might create will work as well as others, so expect a little trial and error. Be sure to visit OpozO resources for Video Guides on How to Configure-and Play with OpozO. We want you to get the most out of your OpozO Play System so be sure to watch our online tutorials.

Setting up Play Tiles in a different starting formation constitutes the definition of a new game. Change the objective and you have another new game. And that’s part of the fun we share with you. We create Play Systems, show you how to play and then if you choose to, you can find new ways to configure the same tiles into new games or add more tiles to explore even more ways to create play, so you are never short of creative opportunity.

With any OpozO Play System, it is practically impossible mathematically for us to show you how to create or play every feasible game variation – there are just far too many potentials and possibilities. Even our smallest Play Systems with 36-Dual Sided Tiles offer thousands of different unique Board and Play Tile game combinations.

For a range of different ways to play go to themes.