Modular Strategy Board Games

Looking for a new play experience?

OpozO games are turn-based strategy board games but are very different to popular games like Chess or Checkers. OpozO games are modular. This means the play tiles used, the game boards you play on, the rules and even the way you want to win games can all be choices you make! And with OpozO, you can personalise your games!


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Check out our latest review from JTR Podcast who Play Tested OpozO at UK Games Expo 2019

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Universal Connecting Tiles

The OpozO Universal Connecting Tile is unique delivering innovation to the strategy board game genre. Precision engineered in hard wearing clear plastic for quality and play durability, the OpozO Tile is distinctively adaptable producing fantastic play value.

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Play Themes and Systems

At OpozO we are aiming to change the way you think about and play strategy board games. We introduce more colour and imagery, a wider range of Play Themes and many different ways to play and winning does not need to result in your opponent’s doom!

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Using OpozO Tiles

Opozo Tiles are as easy to use as simple building blocks. There are two main types of tiles we create games with, Board Tiles and a Play Tiles. Get to know how we use OpozO Tiles so you can get creating the games you want to play.

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Personalising Play

Are you in your game? Personalising play is one of the main benefits of OpozO; deciding what Board Tiles and Play Tiles to use in your games and the way you want to win are all personal choices. But why not be in your game too?

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