OpozO is founded upon a desire to encourage creativity and learning through exploratory and shared play with the result being we are having fun with our friends and family.

OpozO Play is not only about strategy and problem-solving games but socialisation too which is very important to all of us.

It is commonly accepted that if something is fun, we are more interested and motivated to explore and learn new things and if we can do this sharing time with others, we are all winners.

OpozO Play Equality means we never need worry about complexity because this can be managed – OpozO allows all of us to learn a simple game and progress at our own speed. And if we don’t want more complexity, we can still share good times with others. Even the simplest ways to Play OpozO are stimulating and engaging.

OpozO Play Systems provide us all an equal opportunity to personalise and manage the way we want to play meaning we can become more invested in play and the subject of play.

Our aim at OpozO is to produce Play Systems that will allow all of us no matter our age to create play the way we want to learn.

Meet the OBots

OpozO Amazing OBOTs

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OpozO Amazing O-Bots