Personalising Play

With OpozO you not only select the tactics and the way to play, you can elect to personalise your Play Tiles with your face! Imagine the fun you can have using Play Tiles with your face in the Play Tile!

Play should be engaging and fun. We offer a selection of Play Tiles for each Play System you can apply to have personalised by us.

Opozo Connect Mini – be the puzzle you need to complete!

OpozO Battle Warlords be a Warlord or a Warina

OpozO Battle Thrones be a King or Queen

OpozO Sports be any one of the Sports Play Tiles

OpozO Amazing OBOTs be any one of the OBOT with 1 or 2 heads you choose!

What better way is there than to give someone an Opozo Play System that you have personalised with their face!